2022 Window and Door Automation Trends

Oct 26, 2021Ideas

We have become increasingly reliant on technology. We all carry smartphones in our pockets that are connected to the internet 24/7. Today’s “smart homes” have computerised heating and cooling systems, home security, fridges, all controllable through your smartphone Apps. The rising trend in innovative home technology has led to an influx of intelligent time-saving automation products for home and commercial properties. The current trend across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for window and door automation with massive projected growth due to the rising need for luxury and comfort coupled with easy accessibility will positively impact the market outlook. Select Window Installations sell and install the ALTAIR® POWERLOUVRE™ WINDOWS for Residential and Commercial properties. The Powerlouvre Window has been developed to reach heights up to 2.7 metres and quietly opens to 87.5 degrees, automatically stopping at the fully open and fully closed positions or can be stopped in any intermediate place throughout the open/close cycle. Powerlouvre Windows are ideal for out-of-reach locations to allow hot air to escape quickly with a simple press of a button. No fine motor skills or large control rods are required, encouraging occupants to operate the windows more frequently to ventilate the building. Powerlouvres also make for great floor-to-ceiling feature windows to help improve indoor air quality so building occupants can be left feeling fresh and healthy. Learn more, call Select Window Installations today 02 9938 1500 to discuss how we can automate your windows and doors with your smartphone or control pad.
Breezway Power louvres up high ventilate kitchen areas