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At Select Windows, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our fully customisable range of aluminium windows are available in various styles from sliding, awning casement and bi-fold, to gas strut, louvre and double-glazed windows to suit all preferences.

Why choose aluminium?

There’s nothing more personal than your home, whether you’ve built it or bought it. Our homes are a unique reflection and extension of who we are, our style; and vision for how we want to live – a place we can shape and make our own. So, when it comes to either building your dream home or renovating an old one, windows play an important part in the overall look and feel of a space, so choosing wisely to achieve the perfect aesthetic is key. But where to start?

Aluminium windows are the hallmark of discerning homeowners. As a reputable provider of aluminium windows Sydney, Select Windows prides itself on supplying custom-made aluminium windows that complement your home’s unique character. Our aluminium windows offer an unrivalled combination of strength, longevity, and sleek design, all while providing superior insulation and reducing energy costs. The resilience of aluminium windows in Sydney’s climate means your investment is protected, making them an ideal choice for the savvy homeowner looking to combine style, function, and efficiency. So if you’re looking for aluminium windows Sydney, you’ve come to the right place.

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When it comes to installations, aluminium windows are fast becoming a go-to both residentially and commercially for their aesthetics, durability and ease of maintenance. Not only are they lightweight and weather resistant, but are energy efficient and 100% recyclable too. That said, with other options such as timber frames available, why choose aluminium?


Energy Efficient

Glass and aluminium make for sustainable insulation and energy efficiency, therefore significantly reducing energy bills and heating costs during the colder months.

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An advantage of installing aluminium windows is cost effectiveness, without compromising on quality. Other options such as timber windows, are less economical and are more costly to maintain over a period of time.


By installing aluminium window frames, you are guaranteed of durability. Select Windows aluminium window frames are exceptionally strong, keep their shape and can withstand the harsh Australian heat and overall weather conditions when exposed to the elements.
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Low Maintenance
Aluminium windows are easy to maintain and keep clean, making them the best, low maintenance option to install in the home. Unlike timber window frames, they don’t fade under harsh environmental conditions – or rot, and are weather resistant.


Custom-made and Fitted
At Select Windows, we offer a wide range of aluminium window frames, which include a variety of styles, finishes and colours to suit your preferences and needs. Our quality frames are custom-made to specification and are manufactured locally for quick and efficient delivery and installation.
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If you’re considering aluminium windows for your next home or project, get in touch with our expert team of specialists today to discuss your options!