Living in the climes we do in Australia, which can range from temperate to hot weather on any given day, louvre windows are a must in the home if you’re looking for maximum ventilation and cooling, especially in the summer months.

What are Louvre Windows?
Louvre windows, known to allow more ventilation than any other window type, are made from either aluminium, wood or more commonly glass, and resemble a Venetian blind. Operated with lever or slide-up mechanism, louvre windows are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also incredibly practical too, particularly when it comes to keeping them clean, controlling the entry of light into any given room, and ventilation. Glass louvres, installed with specialist glass, are shown to offer great energy efficiency to help minimise heat during the hotter months and reduce the escape of heat during the colder months.

Maximum Ventilation
Louvre windows can be placed anywhere in the home, with many homeowners opting to have them installed in bathrooms, where ventilation is often a challenge. At Select Windows, we offer a wide range of louvre windows, including the award-winning Modern Altair Louvres by Breezway, which are cyclone rated and energy efficient – the perfect window option for any home. By using obscure glass blades that open almost horizontally in an aluminium or timer frame, you can manoeuvre them to provide privacy, while at the same time still achieve maximum ventilation, because with steam and moisture, comes mould and other related issues. Ensuring that there is good ventilation in spaces with high moisture, is important.

Ideal for Australian Conditions
The Modern Altair Louvre Windows by Breezway have been extensively tested for compliance to Australian and International Standards, and their performance has been proven in real-world cyclonic conditions. Each window is made to order, allowing the widest choice of customising options and resulting in a window that fits as perfectly into custom designed homes, as it does into schools and apartment buildings.

Louvre blades are available in various types including glass, timber (Meranti and Western Red Cedar) or aluminium louvre window frames. There’s a choice of handles and even a power option for hard-to-reach windows, which is great for those high void areas.

Clean From Inside
The great thing about Altair Louvre Windows, is that they can be cleaned from the inside of the building, which offers a significant advantage if installed on the first or second floor.

Safe and Secure
Louvre windows are very secure and come installed with key locks, integrated security bars and the new Stronghold system. Stronghold has a pin that goes through every blade to stop intruders from removing louvre blades if the window is in the open position.

That said, choosing louvre windows for your home or next project is a good move if ventilation is important to you. Get in touch with a member of the Select Windows team today to discuss the options available to you, and to request a quote!