Make the switch to sustainable Double Glazed Windows before the Autumn Chill

Feb 5, 2021News

The cooler weather of Autumn is quickly approaching, leaving your home vulnerable for heat loss due to poor insulation. Double glazing is the best way to insulate windows and doors for the cooler months. So what is Double Glazing? Double glazed units are made by filling a space between two pieces of glass with air or gas, creating the most energy-efficient windows and doors available. With double glazed windows and doors, your home will have fewer cold spots and drafts, keeping your living space comfortable all year round and reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Thanks to their thermal efficiency, they give homeowners and builders the freedom to achieve larger openings while still achieving the required energy star ratings The other benefits of double glazing: • Maximum natural light • Warmer house in winter • Cooler house in summer • Reduce energy bills • Less reliance on artificial heating and cooling • Improved overall comfort • Ventilation • Glare control Don’t wait until you are sitting at home bundled in a blanket, sipping hot coffee to keep warm, make sure your home is properly insulated before the season’s change, call Select Windows and Doors for a free measure and quote on 02 9938 1500 today