Windows and doors play a vital role when it comes to regulating the temperatures of buildings, as well as their overall energy efficiency, regardless of the climate. It goes without saying that their placement and composition within the home is pivotal in not only preserving heat in the winter, but also minimising the need for artificial cooling in the summer for optimal energy efficiency. As we head into the warmer months, more time will be spent both indoors, as well as entertaining outdoors, so maximising the ventilation for cooling benefits of your doors and windows is key.  If you’re considering sprucing up your space, there is no time like the present.

As specialists in window and door replacement, our expert team at Select Windows will help you transform your home both practically and aesthetically, allowing the outside, in. There are many factors to take into consideration when installing windows and doors in the home, to ensure maximum sustainability and an environmentally friendly, well insulated installation.

Casement Window – Catch the Breeze
Casement windows are ideal for placement down the side of the house where two properties run parallel to each other, to optimize the breeze that naturally passes through that passage. Great ventilation.

Serving Window – Transform Your Entertainment Area
A bi-fold window makes for the perfect serving window from the kitchen to the outdoor entertaining area. Not only does it open up the space, but it’s practical for many reasons and looks good too.

Stacking Door – Wide Opening
Stacking doors consist of multiple panels that slide behind a fixed panel and provide a wider opening than standard sliding doors for easy access to your patio, courtyard, deck or garden. These are not only a great way to maximise ventilation in the home, but are perfect if you’re looking for a way to bring the outside, in.

Bi-Fold Doors – Bring the Outside In
Another great way to bring the outside, in – bi-fold doors. With space at a premium, these practical doors enable you to create one big space. The doors concertina to the outside of the house to give you the maximum opening.

Windows and doors play a key role in making a house a home. Not only do they add light and ventilation to a home, but also allow homeowners to enjoy scenic views of their property and beyond. Choosing the right windows and door frames, set the stage for a home’s interior design, mood and appearance.

Aesthetically, they have the ability to enhance the overall look and feel of a home, while adding value at the same time. It is important to remember, especially if you are renovating, that the size and placement of your windows and doors, will affect the amount of sunlight entering your home.

West, east and north-facing windows tend to be exposed to more direct sunlight, resulting in increased heat gain particularly over the summer months, while south-facing windows receive almost none. Having good ventilation in the home during the hotter months of the year, can help regulate temperatures inside, while at the same time providing a pleasingly aesthetic look and feel in the home. 

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